Thursday, 25 April 2019

Air Filter Can

On a club run last weekend, the car was making a clanking under heavy braking. This was of course the water pump pulley bolts hitting the chassis brace. So yesterday I took some longer bolts to my brother's lathe & turned down the underside of the head (so as not to lose any depth in the allen key socket) & today I've shortened them down & fitted them. No road test yet, but I suspect the pulley wheel itself will touch now. Trouble is I prevaricated about buying the reverse impeller I need to fix it properly & now the guy's on holiday until just before the road trip.

On a more positive note, another piece of black plastic has exited the car. The air filter "can" was carbon fibre, but it's now been replaced with a rolled & riveted 0.5mm aluminium one, it's a bit lairy-bright at the moment, but will dull down as it ages.

I was going to put the seam underneath, but then I liked the "hand made" look & put it at the front

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