Thursday, 17 January 2013

Baby - It's Cold Outside

I mean, it's not been above zero C for almost a week & there's no sign of it de-frosting in the five day forcast. However, not to be deterred, I've been doing a few small jobs & made a big purchase.

The small jobs include fixing the stereo amp wiring, fitting a riv-nut into the auxiliary mirror (as I shall call it) & messing a little more with the alternator mount. The large purchase was four new tyres – Toyo Proxes R888 sounds a bit Mickey Mouse I know, but they are rated highly by those that use them.

Fixing the wiring means the stereo can go back in the car tomorrow, which in turn means the newly stiffened driver's seat can get put back in it's rightful place, I'm hoping to get the alternator fitted & running this weekend & if I can get the tyres fitted on the rims, that will be good too. BUT, the zafira's on it's sick bed & needs ministering to, so none of that might happen.

Can't complain about the Zaf, we bought it new in 2002, it's taken everything we could throw at it, including towing a caravan up 1:4 gradients in Cornwall, & this is the FIRST thing that's ever gone wrong in 10 years & 90,000 miles.

So an active weekend of spannering in prospect then? Well - if it wasn't forecast to snow heavily ALL weekend, maybe.

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