Sunday, 20 November 2022


Today the Stylus has mostly been a foot up in the air.

The reason for it's elevation was the handbrake - I needed to get into the transmission tunnel to take it off the car & re-drill the cable pull point closer to the pivot so the handbrake works a little better. It was a struggle, but it's done now & I think it's worked, but until I get it out on the road it's hard to tell.

I also trimmed the throttle pedal - odd you might think, but the brake & clutch pedals are alloy, the throttle was black powder coated steel & a couple of times I'd caught it with my foot on its way to the brake. With a lot of power & little weight, the car shoots forward in an alarming way - only for an instant, but still not good, I cut the sides off the pedal & added an aluminium pad, so it's a little lighter, narrower & matches the other two.

After that I took one of the lower rear suspension arms off the car to confirm the size of the polybushes & get some softer ones on order. I've now spent around £400 on new bushes, so I'm really hoping they do what I want them to do. They could arrive mid week, in which case I'll fit them before the weekend. If not I'll have to drop the car onto its wheels & drive it out so I can get my daughter's car in, then do it all again.

BUT, the car is very nearly done. a little paint on the suspension, new bushes, get the front shocks refurbed & it's ready for the new season.

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