Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tangmere Troubles

It was quite a late start on Sunday. Not so much a blatt as a saunter down to Sussex for the "SKCC summer gathering" (yes, we know it's mid September). I rolled into Newlands Corner at about 07:50 & found a couple of members each with their new cars waiting. Shortly afterwards another arrived & when he'd finished re-surfacing the car park with a new high grip rubber coating we set off.

At this stage it was heavily overcast & the roads were still wet from overnight rain, but by the time we got to Bramley, they were dry - but then we turned off the main road & found the country lanes thereabouts were 4" deep in mud & shingle from the epic thunderstorm mid week & the place was alive with pheasants & grouse(s) none of which were in any hurry to get out of the way.

I was watching the ETA on the satvav, as we were meant to arrive at the cafĂ© at 09:00, as we left it was saying 09:10, but it was counting down & as we pulled into the carpark it was spot on 9. As I turned I realised the rest of the SKCC has merged with us from the east. When we say meet at 09:00, we MEAN 09:00.

Breakfast eaten & new cars pored over & discussed (including one still carrying a pheasant wrapped round a front wishbone), we made a move, well most did, my starter was having none of it. Not a click, not a whirr, nothing. Hitting the starter button got nothing more than a slightly sore finger.

I was push started (thanks Steve) & headed out to catch up with the others & we all arrived at the museum together. We were marshalled into position in front of the outside aircraft by museum folk & the Fury ended up under the noses of their two Harriers - only right & proper really.

After walking around, I thought I'd better be getting back, so after a push start (thanks once again) I headed home.

Yesterday I sauntered out to the garage to give the car a hard stare.
Starter button showed 12v when it should've, wiring checked good, Starter had a good earth. Took the starter off the car, put it in the vice & wired it to a spare battery - no problems. This evening I've put
it back on the car & it's all fine. WTF??  :?

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