Thursday, 1 January 2015

Again Again

I've been out to the garage again. I took the wheel off, fitted a 3mm spacer & found the wheel stopped rotating just as the nuts were tightened. So I swapped it for a 6mm spacer & all was well - except there was a spacer betwixt the wheel & the hub.

I closely inspected the brake calliper, where the bleed nipples exit there is a machined pocket. on the lower one was some deformation showing where the wheel had pushed it inwards, so I have a plan. Remove the metal where it's been pushed in, remove the spacers from the brake calliper mounting kit & take 1mm off each & that should ensure the fourspoke fits. At the moment I don't know if I want the fourspokes or not, but I'd like the option.

A single Peugeot peperpot alloy & tyre weighs 15.5 Kg, a fourspoke & tyre weighs 13Kg so that's 10 Kg of unsprung rotating mass reduced if I go for the 13 inch wheels. That could easily take the car back under 600Kg so it's worth considering.

"2000 HC" sticker for the cam cover
Also omitted from the last post were a couple of photos of the new retro 60's stickerage. only under the bonnet at this stage, but there will be more
"CAUTION NEGATIVE EARTH" decal just like cars used to have


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