Monday, 1 July 2013

Inferno Avoided

As you'll have realised, progress on the Fury has been painfully slow since I've been working abroad, but as reported last time, while investigating the alternator fault, I also found the resistor that takes (or in fact creates) a load on the alternator if the switch is switched, had some heat damage from an earlier wiring fault - that one caused by my own hand. Briefly, thinking the wire to the old Lucas alt. was too small a gauge, I'd added another wire, but to save time I'd run it to the starter motor. This meant the battery was directly connected to the resistor when the switch was switched off. A flat battery on a couple of occasions was the symptom & I soon realised the problem & corrected it, BUT, on taking the pod off to rectify the latest wiring problem I found this:-

That's burn marks at the corners that is & it appears to be actual burning of the ceramic where it was touching the rubber lined P-clip. The rubber had solidified & chipped away & you may be able to see some cracks? There's a much bigger one along the length on the far side. So that's got pretty hot then. Fortunately the p-clip rubber didn't ignite or I'd have come out of work to a pile of ash.
So, that resistor's been discarded & there's a new one in it's place - this time mounted with locking wire, so it's a little more heat resistant.
Hopefully the ring gear I've ordered from the Ford dealer in Guilford will turn up in the week & I can get the car back together for the start of August.

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