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Sunday 18 December 2011

Airbox of Delights

With my wife & daughters off to the Horse of The Year show or somesuch, I made a start on fabricating the airbox.

The sheet metal arrived last week & I’d bought a loft drawing home, so no more excuses, crack on!
Cutting out the main body of the box was easy enough, it’s mostly straight lines so score deeply with a Stanley knife & bend until it breaks. Folding it was surprisingly easy too hoiking the workmate out of the garage, pausing only to knock off a football-sized wasp’s nest I erected the frame & folded the sheet to the right angles (mostly right-angles). Here you can see the folded sheet, with the drawing in the background.

The ends were more fiddly, but the larger end went surprisingly well too & is drilled & pinned ready for riveting, the smaller end needs a little tweaking & the drill has run out of battery (again). The next job is to rivet the whole assembly together, then cut the holes in the rear face for the mounting bolts & the air inlet & in the larger end for the pipe flange, lastly make up the "lid" which will bolt to the six tabs along the upper & lower edges.

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